Robert Wood Hero Image

Robert Wood

Executive Chef and Proprietor, The Cultured Pearl Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Since moving to the United States from Canada in 1999 Robert has been involved with The Cultured Pearl Restaurant. Shortly after arriving in Delaware Robert met his now wife Susan, the proprietor of The Cultured Pearl. Twenty-five years, and two daughters, later, the “Pearl” isas strong as ever.

With a dedicated team of skilled chefs, Robert has evolved from an IT professional to the well-versed chef he is today. Having trained under previous chefs – both American and Japanese, and having listened to the Pearl’s many loyal customers, Robert has evolved the Pearl’s offerings.

Today’s Cultured Pearl keeps one foot firmly planted in traditional Japanese offerings from both its sushi bar and hot kitchen. Japanese style sushi and sashimi paired with properly prepared tempura and teriyaki are the foundation of the Pearl. In addition to Japanese cuisine, chef Robert has introduced Thai, Korean and American flavor to the menu thus allowing something for everyone.

As a versatile chef you may see Robert at one of many stations, including the sushi bar, on any given night. Whether training new chefs, lending a helping hand or ensuring that the Pearl’s standards are being exceeded, the hands on approach is what has made the Pearl special for over 30 years.

Chef Robert appreciates what each member of his team has to offer to make the Pearl’s vision a success. Providing the tools and freedom to his chefs allows them to grow and keep the menu fresh and exciting. If your new to The Cultured Pearl or a longtime, loyal customer please enjoy the next 30 years.


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