Kyle Berman Hero Image

Kyle Berman

Executive Chef, The Pines American Bistro

While in high school, Kyle Berman got so hooked on Food Network TV programs that he started working as a fry cook in an Italian restaurant. “I caught the bug early,” said the Northeast Philadelphia native. In his downtime, he read Culinary Institute of America textbooks. Although he studied business law and marketing at Temple University, he continued to work in restaurants. Instead of pursuing an advanced degree, he studied under James Beard Award-winning chefs.

The young chef honed his craft in Philly, Miami, London, Chicago, Louisiana, California and New York and restaurants with three Michelin stars. Many mentors were uncompromising European chefs. Berman was the executive chef of The Study Hotel near the University of Pennsylvania when he learned about The Pines. “It seemed like a good fit,” said the father of two, who was looking for a place to raise his family.

At The Pines, Berman takes novel approaches to much-loved flavors in a way that “does the dish justice,” he said. Given that America’s melting pot includes multiple culinary influences, he has a broad, colorful palette, he noted. Don’t be surprised if classical French techniques are evident in familiar foods—even burgers. Along with stressing the gold standards, Berman is equally committed to buying local and quality ingredients.

Berman is the rare chef adept at both the savory and sweet side of the kitchen. As a result, guests can expect some first-class pastries and desserts. In other words, save room for dessert.

The chef feels right at home in Rehoboth. “I’m happy the area has such a vibrant culinary scene.” And The Pines is pleased that he is part of it.

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