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Billy Lucas

After some time spending summers at the Delaware beaches, cooking at Nage Restaurant under Kevin Reading, Billy accepted an invitation to work for Thomas Keller at Bouchon in Las Vegas. It was there that he learned what ‘the path to perfection’ was all about.

His pursuit of culinary knowledge led him to San Francisco and his eyes were brought wide open by the sprawling food scene of the Bay Area. It is there he learned about an intriguing line of work, rock & roll catering where he linked him up with Chris Mitchell, owner of Latitude 45 Catering. Wait a second? Billy could follow his love for cooking and mix it with his other major love, music? He jumped on tour and the rest was history… (and those tour stories are only to be shared over a beer).

Over 6 years, he cooked for hundreds of bands and crews while eventually moving to Los Angeles. Some of those who have indulged in Chef Billy’s fare have been: Lady GaGa, The Eagles, Nine Inch Nails, Jay-Z, Black Sabbath, Tool, Blink-182, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Michael Buble, Prince, and Jane’s Addiction.

Billy’s extensive travels made him hungry to open up his own spot. Missing his East Coast roots and home, while still immersed in the LA food scene, a seed of a business idea began to sprout in his mind. Sensing an opportunity to create something new and exciting in his beloved Delaware Beaches, he decided to bring West Coast flavors to the town he grew up in with So Cal Street Food. Taco Reho was born! Billy’s adventures have given him the opportunity to see and taste a lot of what is going on in the food world. His tacos are small, wonderful and packed with flavor. Bringing tacos and other street food to the DE beaches, a place he calls home, is something very special to him. He hopes you can taste the love he puts into his tacos and handmade tortillas.

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